4 Must-Have Qualities That Engaged Teams Display In Healthcare

4 Must-Have Qualities That Engaged Teams Display In Healthcare

Have you ever noticed that some teams are engaged, work incredibly well together, whereas others struggle? Putting a group of people together and telling them to become an amazing, engaged team isn’t an overnight success. Many times we notice some people working harder than others. Sixty percent of employees report that work causes significant amounts of stress in their lives and a lack of teamwork is a major cause of that stress. Establishing leadership, communicating skill sets, letting your team members know they are appreciated, and trust decreases stress. These four qualities of a team will help create an engaged, positive team.


Successful engaged teams need strong leaders. The leader guides new members of the team without being asked and is always taking a lead on a new project or guiding others on a current project. They understand their own values, strengths, and weaknesses and remain open to feedback from others.  


Communicate the Skillset

When hired onto a team, the applicant knows they are filling a role, though they may not know exactly what to do. Applicants need to know how their skillset contributes to the team’s success. This helps team members to stay focused, confident and engaged in order to meet project goals and objectives.


Show Team Appreciation

To keep an engaged team, give them praise and give it often. Be specific about what you are appreciative for.  Companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at improving employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover. Click To Tweet When someone knows they did a good job, they are more likely to do it again.


Trust One Another

Building trust among the group is a process and is cardinal to a team’s success. If you tell your team to complete a certain task, follow-up to make sure you meet the needs of the group. To work together and become an engaged team, people have to trust that their colleagues will be putting forth the same amount of energy into a project as they are.  


Creating a team of engaged workers is a journey, not a race. It takes time to engage every team member, but worth the efforts. Being a great leader, helping facilitate communication, showing team member appreciation, and learning to trust one another are the cornerstones of improving teamwork.


To learn more about increasing your patient satisfaction by engaging teams, schedule a consultation for a one-day seminar. For More information, click here.



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