Happy People Stay Happy

How Happy People Stay Happy – 4 Tips You Can Try Today!

Studies show being happy  is more important to people than personal wins, like money or the meaning of life. Part of being happy is how you feel, the rest is how you show expectations and accepting what you cannot change. Happiness is a feeling of showing pleasure or contentment. The questions arise, how can you find true happiness? What do happy people do differently? This article will answer those questions and give you tips on how you can start spreading happiness throughout the workplace.

How Happy People Stay Happy


  • Be Adventurous in the Workplace

Breaking out of your comfort zone may help you become happier. Staying in your comfort zone keeps you mentally secure because it’s the same routine. Studies show though, staying in your comfort zone won’t push you forward.

Living in a state of “optimal anxiety” helps drive you forward and creates a happier you. Optimal anxiety is when you take a small risk, become adventurous and accomplish the task. Taking too big of a risk can lead you to stress, which is not optimal anxiety.

When you start pushing yourself a little bit, you become comfortable outside your comfort zone and continue to push yourself, leading to a more satisfied life. Click To Tweet

Adding Adventure: You don’t have to go skydiving to be adventurous. For example, bring a new potluck dish to work for your coworkers. Instead of the go-to dish you normally do, try something new. Even before everyone tries it, you will feel happy for attempting it. Encourage others to do the same at the next potluck.


  • The Glass Should Always be Half-full

Happy people see the glass as half full, always. It’s easy to see the glass as half empty when you are not completely happy. Psychologist Susan Segerstrom conducted a study that found law students ten years after graduation who were optimistic earned an average of $32,667 more than their glass-half-empty peers. Optimism leads to happiness and wealth!

Strive for optimism by filling your cup in several ways. Try to fill up your cup every morning to achieve higher results in life and business. If you think positive and expect good things to happen, you will take action to make them happen. If you think only negative stuff happens to you, with no change in your attitude or action, then it probably will result in no change.

Adding Optimism: When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. Focus on one word for that day that will make you optimistic. Maybe you have a job interview, or a meeting with your boss. Think of the word confident to boost your spirits and use the word throughout your day in all you do.

Choose the word empathy one day when you are helping your team. Empathy is one of the top leadership attributes today. Be sure to compliment your staff on a job well done.


  • Celebrate Wins

Teams hear a variety of feedback, negative and positive. Top performing teams have a 6:1 ratio for praise to criticism. Help build up your radio by giving six positive remarks for every negative one. Start by thinking about your goals in the unit.

For example, on the hospital unit you manage, you had one patient complaint, but five other great compliments. Focus quickly how you can change the negative person’s response, and then focus on the other five. Reward them with an ice cream party for great patient satisfaction scores when you meet a certain goal for the month.

Individualize each team member and tell them how valuable they are to the team. Raising the bar for other team members creates energy to succeed.

Adding Wins: Check in with yourself. Recognize what you do at work! During a morning report or huddle with staff, recognize any patient compliments or ask staff to add one compliment for each other for the day. It will start people on the right foot by feeling recognized.


  • Positive Thinking

Thinking positive can make you happy. Though, it’s not always easy to think positive in a negative environment. In order to think positive, you have to train your mind.

Add in Positive Thoughts: To help the staff develop positive thoughts, you can write positive quotes for the day. If negative thoughts or situations happen, ask yourself “How can this negative thought/situation improve my life?”

Another way to add positivity is to practice gratitude. Practice with your team at work before the day begins to state 3 things they are grateful for.

Adding optimism, adventure, celebrating wins, and positive thinking can help you achieve happiness. Happiness is contagious. If you are happy, it will spread to those around you. Incorporate subtle changes now to start the change of an unhappy workplace to a happy one. 

Contact Cheri to discuss what Cheri Clancy & Associates can provide for your company! She can help you create better teams, healthy workplace, leadership training and more!


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