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Promoting Empathy in Healthcare

Mind Over Matter Leadership

Rewiring the mind to improve the bottom line

Mind Over Matter Leadership


The concept of "Mind Over Matter Leadership" helps people to use their own willpower to overcome their perceived limitations. These hindrances, physical or mental, can hamper us from reaching our full potential. It is important and possible for us to believe that we are nothing less than powerful in our determination and tenacity to succeed. This is more than wishful thinking.

This is the potent combination of leadership as an art and integrating it into the field of neurosciences. It involves an awareness of our own behaviors and learning how to rewire our minds to improve them. It is the practical synergy of theory and practice. Mind Over Matter Leadership incorporates scientifically based techniques and methods that are easy to understand and apply.


Angry Patients and Families

8 Effective Ways to Handle Angry Patients and Families

Being sick, experiencing pain, or waiting for a test or procedure can lead to angry patients and families.  Many nurses and healthcare teams struggle with how to effectively handle angry patients and families.  This can lead to ineffective communication, a disruptive workplace and safety issues. Here are 8 effective ways to handle angry patients and…

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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Patient Experience Improvement Strategies

During a large corporate meeting, a Patient Experience (PX) leader dropped his head as he presented the downward trend of patient experiences scores in the quietness of the hospital environment domain.  He felt embarrassed and frustrated because the scores did not justify the cost of a pricey quietness tracker.  He also spent an exhaustive amount…

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leader rounding

Leader rounding on patients: What leaders should ‘know’ before they ‘go’

Last month, I wrote an article on 7 reasons why you should stop leader rounding on patients.  Although there is a vast amount of studies and evidenced based articles citing the benefits of leader rounding on patients, I wanted to bring awareness to the importance of training and educating leaders on how to conduct a…

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leader rounding on patients

Leader rounding on patients: 7 reasons to STOP

In the healthcare sector, leader rounding on patients is considered to be a patient experience best practice initiative. Studies support this is one of the most effective ways to improve HCAHPS scores.  Leader rounding on patients embeds a patient-centered culture across the organization, increases employee morale, advances patient safety outcomes, and increases productivity and financial…

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