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Promoting Empathy in Healthcare

Mind Over Matter Leadership

Rewiring the mind to improve the bottom line

Mind Over Matter Leadership


The concept of "Mind Over Matter Leadership" helps people to use their own willpower to overcome their perceived limitations. These hindrances, physical or mental, can hamper us from reaching our full potential. It is important and possible for us to believe that we are nothing less than powerful in our determination and tenacity to succeed. This is more than wishful thinking.

This is the potent combination of leadership as an art and integrating it into the field of neurosciences. It involves an awareness of our own behaviors and learning how to rewire our minds to improve them. It is the practical synergy of theory and practice. Mind Over Matter Leadership incorporates scientifically based techniques and methods that are easy to understand and apply.



The 3 Mindsets and Why They Matter to Your Employees

We are told as children, “you can do anything you put your mind to.” Is this statement true? The truth behind the mindset of an individual is interesting. This article will discuss the three types of mindsets, steps to evaluating your own mindset, and how to change your employees’ mindsets. Mindset – What is it?…

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Happy People Stay Happy

How Happy People Stay Happy – 4 Tips You Can Try Today!

Studies show being happy  is more important to people than personal wins, like money or the meaning of life. Part of being happy is how you feel, the rest is how you show expectations and accepting what you cannot change. Happiness is a feeling of showing pleasure or contentment. The questions arise, how can you…

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stress at work

Stress – The Silent Killer – Here’s How to Reduce Stress at Work

Stress is the silent killer of many people in the workforce. Research shows that stressful jobs decrease life expectancy. Physical signs of stress that people experience, like upset stomach and headaches, create an unhealthy way of living. We need to reduce stress. So, how do you reduce stress? You can’t. Stress will come and go…

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Self-Care for the Healthcare Provider ( + 6 tips to Start your Self-Care Plan!)

Self-care is often neglected by healthcare providers because they go into the field medicine to care for others.  Not only do they provide care to their patients, but many go home to busy households and fulfill various roles such as a parent, spouse, sibling or friend. This can take a toll on an individual and…

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