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Leader rounding on patients: 7 reasons to STOP

leader rounding on patients

In the healthcare sector, leader rounding on patients is considered to be a patient experience best practice initiative. Studies support this is one of the most effective ways to improve HCAHPS scores.  Leader rounding on patients embeds a patient-centered culture across the organization, increases employee morale, advances patient safety outcomes, and increases productivity and financial…

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Improving the Patient and Family Experience by Holding Doors

Improving the Patient & Family Experience by Holding Doors

“We hold doors”. I recently heard this statement during an open house that my son and I attended. As we sat through the opening remarks and learned about the culture and expectations of the school, I thought about how bold and powerful this statement was. I wondered if this was just an attractive slogan or if…

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4 Strategies to Engage Physicians in the Patient and Family Experience

Engaging Physicians in the Patient and Family Experience

Whether it’s the acquisition of new technology, new payment models, or health system mergers, most alterations in healthcare directly affect how physicians practice.  Physician engagement is paramount to healthcare organizations and there is a significant opportunity to improve this.  According to Healthstream Physician Insight Trends, only 25% of physicians are engaged with their organization.  Moreover, Gallup…

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